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It’s All in the Family: Why Episode 9 Will Resolve Rey's Identity

All the Theories 🤯

Episode 8 seems to have sealed the coffin on the debate surrounding Rey’s heritage (more on that below).

BUT, theories abound. If you want to make your head explode, take five minutes to read these 15 theories on Rey’s identity.

Now that you’re all caught up, I want to argue why J. J. Abrams will give us a definitive answer on who Rey is, and (I believe) what the family connection is.

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Thanksgiving, Poured Out

The holidays are upon us...with demands.

Places to go. Crap Stuff to buy. Food to make. Relationships to keep intact.

And we love it. Thanksgiving is an awesome time of gratitude, connecting with others, and enjoying life.

But how can we enjoy this time of the year with deep contentment?

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