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A collection of articles about what's engaging us in culture. I especially enjoy film and current events!

New Year Momentum: Diving into Change vs. Dressing up Regret

Man jumping for joy down a city street.

In my first post in this short series, I explored the power of science behind small victories. The “Go big or go home” mentality may work for a single football game, but it lacks practical roots for growing new habits over the course of a year.

Today's topic is much more personal for me. Please take what I share as illustrative. Hopefully, it will help you along your New Year's journey.

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New Year's Resolutions and the Science of Progress

Close up of person with black pants and orange shoes stepping up blue, metal stairs.

This past year challenged my resolution resolve.

Setbacks. Major life events. Procrastination. They all grabbed hold of my motivation to achieve awesomeness. 😉

I also felt humbled by last year. Looking back, I have gained more clarity for going forward.

Please, learn from my fears and failures. Here's the first nugget of wisdom I gained from last year.

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It’s All in the Family: Why Episode 9 Will Resolve Rey's Identity

All the Theories 🤯

Episode 8 seems to have sealed the coffin on the debate surrounding Rey’s heritage (more on that below).

BUT, theories abound. If you want to make your head explode, take five minutes to read these 15 theories on Rey’s identity.

Now that you’re all caught up, I want to argue why J. J. Abrams will give us a definitive answer on who Rey is, and (I believe) what the family connection is.

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