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Everyday Faith (11)

A collection of candid reflections on God's goodness in our everyday lives.

WandaVision's huge line will restore your hope in 2021

Wanda sits on yellow couch in tears as Vision kneels beside her in his work clothes.

Pain is part of the story

In episode 8, Vision asks a grieving Wanda, "It can't all be sorrow, can it?" 

His question, though innocent, lingers in the air for the audience. We too want a resolution. We want to see Wanda and Vision reunited without outside forces pulling them apart. And their story reflects our inner longings for respite from the tide of pain from 2020.

It can't be all pain, right?

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Waiting for Sunday in this Saturday World

We are living in a Saturday world. That space and time between the finished work of Jesus and His return. As we celebrate Holy Week we live out this story at the micro level: The solemnity and weight of Good Friday, remembering the sacrifice…

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It's Okay to Lament the Pain in the Pandemic

Lament. Despair. Pain. It’s all in the Bible. Surrounding armies. Unrelenting plagues. Vengeful enemies—yup, the Bible’s got it. In light of the world’s current suffering, what do we make of it? Knowing God created this world and its people, how does the character of…

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