Hi there.

My name is Jordan, and I am passionate about serving others as a content writer and educator. No matter the project, I invest 100% in creativity and in quality.

So what's up with the site name?

Glad you asked. 😄

Aside from being a shorter URL, it's also an affectionate nod to my students. Each year, they like to invent a nickname for me, and Mr. Hops has been a recurring one.

So, to my creative and pioneering students: HopsWrites.com is in your honor.

Where You Can Find my Writing

  1. ScriptureSauce.com - I am the creator of a daily newsletter & blog at ScriptureSauce.com. I engage my growing audience with weekly "dabs" of candid and insightful reflections on the Bible. 
  2. Techless.com - As a freelance content writer, I have the honor of ghostwriting and creating original copy for this tech company. Techless has created Wisephone, a minimalist, safe smartphone for anyone to use. Though simple at first appearance, it's groundbreaking in how it brings humanity to tech.
  3. IndieHackers - I contribute to this amazing community of creatives, writers, developers, and startups. I enjoy helping others and offering actionable content for fellow writers. 
  4. Blog.HopsWrites.com - You can also find my musings right here on my personal blog. It's a custom-made site featuring long form posts. I enjoy weaving narrative and informational elements with mixed media in my posts.

As a content writer, I always strive for maximizing readability, SEO relevance, and engagement with my audience.

I have worked for clients in a variety of sectors:

  • Tech
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Small Business

You can view my online portfolio for more detail.


I am also a middle school Journalism teacher. I have the privilege of teaching teens the value in powerful storytelling, in researching facts, and in conveying information through media. They run a live news broadcast which features original news segments. You can see my students’ digital newspaper at FarnellNews.com.

Screenshot of homepage of FarnellNews.com.
Homepage of FarnellNews.com, a student-run online newspaper.

Husband, Daddy, & Follower of Christ

As much as I love writing and being an educator, my greatest passion is serving God through my family and church. I am married to an amazing woman with a big heart and a big laugh. We have an elementary-aged son who is a full-time ninja--literally, he’s testing for black belt this year! I also serve our church in New Life Kids as a lead teacher and assistant with grades 1-5. The kids are a blast, and I often find myself learning from their humility and joy.

On the side, I write poetry, non-fiction, and original music. I love adventuring in God's creation with my wife and son, whether it's through kayaking, fishing, or hiking.

Privacy Policy & User Data

HopsWrites.com does NOT...

  • Save user data
  • Share or sell user data to 3rd parties
  • Use cookies to track our visitors.
  • Use ads within the website or within our emails.
  • Use affiliate advertising.

I do use a privacy-centered company to track our number of visitors. They are GDPR compliant.

My newsletter subscribe form uses reCAPTCHA to protect from bots and hackers. The Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply to this feature only.

This article was updated on October 30, 2020

Jordan Hopkins

Jordan is a freelance content writer and educator. He is passionate about serving others and amplifying their narratives through quality writing. You can find him hanging with his family, fishing, playing guitar, and grinding the best beans for his morning coffee.