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She Creates Beautiful Things

Rough-hewn stones dangle from her ears and glimmer under our lamp. She slides a bracelet from her collection— all handmade and new. She lifts one gently, the pieces of topaz dance into our son’s palm. His eyes widen. He rubs the smooth stones, studying their…

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When a Karate Dojo Becomes "Home"

Karate students play "Ninja Tag" in a circle.

When you think about a karate dojo, you may imagine a stereotype like Rex Kwon Do from the hilarious film Napoleon Dynamite.

Bravado. Get tough. Tower over your students. "Bow to your sensei!"

Though Rex in the film is the caricature of a domineering sensei, he also represents our culture's tendency towards power.

Not so for Sensei Sheri Angwin.

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